5 potential trade deadline moves for the Chicago Blackhawks

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Dylan Strome

Of all the current players in the NHL who never lived up to their potential, one of the most prominent names on that list is Dylan Strome. Strome was acquired from the Arizona Coyotes back in 2018. He looked like perhaps all he needed was a change of scenery to get his NHL career on track in that season.

Unfortunately, however, his most recent seasons with the Blackhawks have been less than stellar. As a result, Strome has been circulating trade talks for the past year, and with his contract coming to an end this offseason, now seems like a better time than ever to pull the trigger. Considering that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been trying to revitalize careers all season long, what better place is there for him to end up than with the Leafs?

The return for Strome is undoubtedly not what the Blackhawks would have received had they traded him months ago, but there is still some value there. A 2023 third-round pick seems like a reasonable price for a player with untapped potential. However, the pick is there to round out the trade value. The real prize in this trade is Alex Steeves.

Alex Steeves appeared out of seemingly thin air. He went through all his draft-eligible years without getting a chance by an NHL club. However, after massively growing his game at Notre Dame over three seasons, the Maple Leafs offered him a rookie contract this past offseason.

During his time with the Toronto Marlies, Steeves has been averaging a point-per-game. There is some potential hidden beneath the surface. He could be a future depth piece for the Blackhawks if he continues his current development curve. Depth can be just as important as star talent, and considering Strome is already glorified depth, this trade has a lot of potential to age well.