NHL: The Three Best Goals Of The 2021-22 Season So Far

Cale Makar #8, Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Cale Makar #8, Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

The NHL has seen some pretty crazy goals through the first half of the NHL season. When all things are said and done on the 2021-22 season I am sure we are going to have 10 to 20 goals to look at for the very best goal of the season, for now, let’s focus our list down to three goals.

Deciding the three best goals of the season so far was not easy. Pretty much every night we are bound to see a highlight-reel goal or two, but I think the top three put together here today are all good choices. These goals are in no particular order.

Let’s start things off with a thrilling goal against the Buffalo Sabres by two Anaheim Ducks.

3. Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano Against The Buffalo Sabres

I guess it makes sense that the NHL team based on the movie with the flying V should give us the first iteration of one of the craziest behind the net passes in NHL history. Zegras picks the puck up behind the net with all the time in the world and tosses an amazing pass up to Sonny Milano who bats the puck in from the air against the Sabres.

This goal got a lot of attention from the media and definitely is not going to be forgotten anytime soon. It is a good thing that it happened so soon into the season because now we might get to see more goals like it throughout the remainder of the season.

2. Cale Makar in overtime against the Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche defensemen Cale Makar scored the best goal of the season so far from a defenseman. Makar had all the space in the world in three on three overtime and he capitalized against the Blackhawks and forward Kirby Dach.

This goal definitely is not going to be forgotten anytime soon and should remind fans everywhere that Makar is coming for the Norris Trophy sooner rather than later.

Crazily enough this is the only goal that occurred in overtime out of the three. The way Makar cuts back and even trips up the cameraman is awesome. My only regret is it comes against my favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks.

1. Connor McDavid Against The New York Rangers

Connor McDavid could be all three of these goals, but I think everyone reading wanted to see some other players get some love as well. This goal is something McDavid does pretty often so it often gets overlooked. The way he wills a goal for the Oilers all on his own against the Rangers is something that was pretty amazing to see.

McDavid skates through four Rangers on his way to the net and no one is able to stop him from getting the game-tying goal with little time to go in the third. Hopefully, the Oilers can figure out their issues soon as McDavid deserves to be playing on a good team competing for a championship every year.

It will be interesting to see if these three goals make the cut at the end of the year. Hopefully, we have some more incredible goals during the back half of the season.