Teuvo Teravainen has had an interesting career thus far with the Hurricanes

Teuvo Teravainen #86, Carolina Hurricanes Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Teuvo Teravainen #86, Carolina Hurricanes Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Teuvo Teravainen of the Carolina Hurricanes has had an interesting NHL career already and he is only 27. Drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks’ 18th overall in 2012, it was never in doubt that Teravainen was going to have a long and successful NHL career.

The amazing thing is, after just 115 NHL games over the course of three seasons, the Blackhawks traded Teravainen to the Hurricanes as a sweetener to get rid of the Bryan Bickell contract. This came after Teravainen won a championship with the Blackhawks in 2015 putting up four goals, six assists, and ten points in 18 games at the age of 20.

Because of that experience on a winning team, Teravainen definitely was one of the more experienced quote on quote veteran players at a young age with the Hurricanes. He still is one of a few players in the locker room who have won a championship before. Ian Cole, Antti Raanta, and Jordan Staal all have won before like Teravainen.

Out of all the trades and additions on the Hurricanes roster, none might be as good as Teravainen who is a top-line guy on this team while Chicago got two draft picks in return. The team did not do a lot with those picks as neither player is on the active roster.

The salary cap is a useful weapon for an NHL team, and the Hurricanes used that especially well during the summer of 2016 when they acquired Teravainen. Teuvo has put up some pretty good numbers in Carolina as well.

His best season was in 2018-19 when he put up 76 points in 82 games, but I think there is a good chance this year could be even better as 27 in 34 so far this year. Teravainen has had a rather interesting NHL career after getting drafted by the Blackhawks and winning a championship early on, he hasn’t gotten back atop the mountain to win another.

It is amazing a lot of players usually wait for their entire career to win a championship. Teravainen did that before playing 50 games in the league. Hopefully, his Hurricanes will find their way atop the mountain this year and he can have the Stanley Cup above his head again!