The Seattle Kraken sure have upped their draft capital

Seattle Kraken (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Seattle Kraken (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

The Seattle Kraken have not gone the same route as the Vegas Golden Knights when they joined the league, but every expansion team has to do things their own way. The Kraken looked underwhelming after the expansion draft, but now nearing the end of their first season they are looking better off.

The Seattle Kraken certainly have a lot of draft picks in the coming years.

The team traded their captain Mark Giardano to the Toronto Maple Leafs yesterday, and in doing so they added three draft picks, two seasons, and a third. All these different draft picks the team has been adding will help out this season.

Here is a rundown of all the picks the Kraken have over the course of the next three years:

  • Three first-round picks
  • Eight second-round picks
  • Five third-round picks
  • Six fourth-round picks
  • Three fifth-round picks
  • Three sixth-round picks
  • Four seventh-round picks

That is a lot of prospects the team will add to the organization, and while they haven’t added any firsts they definitely have done their work to acquire seconds and thirds. Things might not end here with more deals potentially coming in the hours ahead of the trade deadline on Monday.

Getting draft picks is only half of the battle.

The Seattle Kraken have done a really good job the past few days to acquire as many assets as they can, but the thing is that is only half the battle. Now they need to do their best to draft players that could make a difference a few years down the line.

Getting draft picks is not a guarantee of success, now they need to put in the work and make sure they use the picks wisely. I hope things work out for them and I hope we get to see a few more moves for the Kraken during the coming hours what a time to be a hockey fan!