NHL: The Best Player at Every Jersey Number, #11-20

Edmonton Oilers, Mark Messier. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Edmonton Oilers, Mark Messier. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /
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In part two of a ten-part series, we look at jersey numbers 11-20, including a few Hall of Famers but also some of the most underrated, yet productive, players in NHL history.

We often forgot that some players were based solely on offensive numbers, while others stood out because of all-around play. Some of the greatest players are in this section, including one player who has part of one of the more controversial and yet still talked about, Stanley Cup-winning goals in history.

The longevity of this group of players is over 1,000 games. 18 total Stanley Cup championships are represented in this group with others having plenty of playoff experiences.

Aside from Stanley Cup championships, there are also plenty of awards and accolades represented as well. We think of Stanley Cups when we determine who is the greatest of all time, but do we still value consistency?

These are the best players that have worn jersey numbers 11-20 in the NHL.

Some of these players never had the chance to hoist the Stanley Cup. However, they were consistent, their teams made playoff appearances and they were deemed successful.

Success is not only about how many Cups the player has won but how he dedicated himself and how he helped his teammates grow as well. Some of these players do not get the recognition because they did not win Cups, but they made up for that by helping the team grow and helping that team achieve other goals.

This group of players has two of the greatest centers in NHL history and the greatest left-wingers in history. Their accomplishments have not been talked about enough, but one of the featured centers has one of the most talked-about playoff goals in NHL history.

Let’s begin the second installment of this series. Here are the best players in NHL history to wear jersey numbers 11-20.