NHL: The Best Player at Every Number, #41-50

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This week we look at #41-50 in our all-time jersey number list. In this group, we have players who are underappreciated for the jobs they did and players who were effective but flew under the radar. The role player was often thought of as a player taking up a roster spot but now is considered essential for producing a winning club.

None of the players listed below are in the top 100 players of all time but spent their careers doing what they love. A few of these players are still around the game today as a scout or analysts, but there are two current players on this list, one that could be skating around center ice soon.

The physical side of hockey is once again on display but these players were some of the most effective players without being offensively productive. They got the least amount of minutes but made the most of those minutes to set a tone.

These players do not need to be the highest-paid, nor do they need to be recognized. They need to be appreciated for the roles they played, and some played bigger roles than others. The hardest role on a hockey team is your 4th line players or bottom pairing defensemen. Those players have the most important job to be successful with the least amount of opportunity. Only 3 Stanley Cups are represented in this list and 2 are from one player.

The grouping is not always going to be all-stars and Stanley Cup winners. Some players just go out there and do their jobs, regardless of their pay, accolades, or awards. These players had, or are having, very good careers that should not be overlooked. Let us take a look at #’s 41-50.

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