NHL: The Best Player at Every Jersey Number, 81-90

Phil Kessel, Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Phil Kessel, Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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As an offensive hockey player in the NHL, one has the license to be a great passer, one who makes things happen in the offensive zone. There are your elite passers like Wayne Gretzky and then you have everyone else.

The key to being a good passer is getting the puck to a teammate that you know will finish.

Hockey players like to get creative. Whether it is a deke inside the offensive zone or any other way that will stand out or make the highlight reel. The key to any play is finishing and scoring that goal.

The player can be as dominant inside the offensive zone but unless he has a finisher on that line, the odds of scoring a goal are not as great.

These are the best NHL players at every jersey number, 81-90.

In the world of hockey, there are some of the best finishers in hockey. Some players just know where to be and you have others who are parked in front of the net looking for that garbage goal.

The great passers in history, other than Gretzky, rarely get noticed, with all of the glory on the players who finished. It is a team sport, and all the players should be recognized when a goal is scored, but fans like flash and highlight-reel goals.

Imagine being the goal scorer who scored to clinch a playoff spot, win a playoff game, or even the one who wins the Stanley Cup.

Being a finisher can have its pressures, especially when everyone, including the other team, knows your role. The greatness is in those who battle through that and still get the job done, regardless of when that goal occurs.

The pure joy of knowing you did your job and the team was successful because of the goal that you scored.

In jerseys #81-90, we look at some players who finished games better than anyone and players who set them up for success. This is a very intelligent group of hockey players listed below and ones who made their mark in the game.

Here are the best players in NHL history based on jersey numbers 81-90.