NHL: Three Former Players That Deserve to Have Their Number Retired

Sergei Fedorov, Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/NHLI)
Sergei Fedorov, Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/NHLI) /
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The hockey Hall of Fame is a special place where NHL players who excelled at the game of hockey are enshrined and remembered.

These players played above and beyond, recognized by the sport as elite players who recorded eye-popping numbers or won many championships.

While the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a great honor itself, there is another way to celebrate a player’s achievements. This honor is made by retiring the player’s number and hanging it from the rafters. This could be a way of saying it is the specific team’s Hall of Fame.

Players who have their jersey numbers retired by teams went out of their way to make sure the team was successful, be successful on the ice themselves, and work closely with the community. These players are recognized by all in the organization and are given the proper recognition.

Here are three former NHL players that deserve to have their numbers retired.

However, what about the player who did exactly that but is still waiting for their jersey to be retired and hung from the rafters?

There are a few Hall of Fame-worthy players who are still waiting for that honor, even though they rank high in every statistical category in the franchise’s history. Is it the player who did not want the honor? Is it the organization that does not want their jersey in the rafters?

In this article, we look at three players who stand out among the list of players who do not have this honor and a few possibilities on why this has yet to occur. The players listed below should have their numbers retired sooner than later.

Whatever the reason for them not being up already is a mystery, however, these players rose to the challenge and played above their expectations to hoist the Stanley Cup, which they did at one point in their career.