Nazem Kadri Signing with the Islanders Would be a Mistake

Nazem Kadri, Colorado Avalanche (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Nazem Kadri, Colorado Avalanche (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

If Nazem Kadri signs with the New York Islanders, it would be a mistake.

The NHL’s free agency period began nearly a month ago, and Kadri, a player who has largely been considered one of the top names on the market this summer, is still available. One team that is rumored to have an interest in him is the Islanders.

Several sources have been connecting the free agent forward and the Isles, but within the last week, reports of an actual offer have been brought to light.

On the surface, a union between Kadri and the Islanders would make a lot of sense, but in reality, it would be a massive mistake for both sides.

Kadri to the Islanders would be a huge mistake.

On New York’s side, this transaction, regardless of salary or length of the deal, has two potential issues.

First, Kadri was great last season with the Colorado Avalanche, posting a career-high 87 points (28 goals and 59 assists). However, he put up those numbers from a secondary role on a really good team.

In other words, the pressure was not on him and there was tremendous talent around him. Not to take any credit away from Kadri, but his previous career-high was 61 points, and that was five years ago.

He is arguably the best number two center any team could have, but if he’s going to be a go-to player in New York, I would be concerned that his role and the Islanders’ offensive ineptitude could make him less productive, and the Isles would not get what they paid for.

That creates the second possible issue for the team, which is that the signing won’t actually fill its need.

It’s one thing to bank on Kadri picking up where he left off last season and becoming a complement to the current roster, but if he’s expected to be the offensive leader, and he’s not, the Islanders are left with the same dismal attack.

For Kadri, a long-term deal with the Isles could hinder his ability to win another championship. New York does not feel like a playoff team right now, and I think, from a competitive standpoint, that this potential contract would ruin his chances to win now and in the future.

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Without question, there is an upside to this deal, if it happens. With that said, I think it would turn out to be a huge mistake for both Kadri and the Islanders.