Toronto Maple Leafs “Make” or “Break” Predictions Entering the Season

The Toronto Maple Leafs are gearing up for another make-or-break year, as we prepare for the games to begin in October.

Instead of asking the same old questions revolving around the team this year. Let’s take a look at expectations and come up with a few predictions of our own to help with this matter.

Such as, “Will management still be around at the end of the season?” and “What is the mentality of this Leafs’ team heading into this year?”

How will the Toronto Maple Leafs fare this season?

I think this is a well-built team with the potential to compete against the league’s best, but before that, the team must prepare for failure in a retrospective way.

With all the years combined of playoff struggles, it would make sense that the Toronto Maple Leafs are working towards a strategy that would simplify their game and just allow them to play.

Over-exertion was one issue, not to mention the level of intensity, which is a good thing but took a toll on the Leafs last post-season. What would “make” this year’s team is if they can maintain the diligence they play with during the regular season and stay composed when things don’t go their way.

What would “break” the team’s needs is if they put too much pressure on themselves during the regular season.

What to expect from the Toronto Maple Leafs’ roster.

The roster is well set with a full offensive force and a brick defense wall.

Gambling on the goaltending they have put in place now shall be the x-factor of the team’s needs depending on how either player performs. The season’s goal must be getting home ice advantage again for the playoffs.

What happens after this season if it turns out to be a disappointment? Does the team shake things up and start rebuilding or do stick with the core four and keep trying for the Stanley Cup?

One big prediction would have to be a change might occur if things aren’t going well by Christmas. Whether it would be in fact coaching or a blockbuster trade, it will not be a surprise of the sudden change in the game.

Sorely, because of the need to advance in the playoffs and of course a General Manager’s contract being on the line.

So many questions face the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The questions mentioned above and what Auston Matthews could get with a contract extension are all big issues for this team.

Currently, looking at the Atlantic Division, there are two teams that pose a threat to the Toronto Maple Leafs. One is the recently rejuvenated Ottawa Senators and the other, the powerhouse Tampa Bay Lighting.

Although Toronto will be able to match if not exceed both teams offensively, we will have to see how the coaching ability takes this team to another level and hopefully take charge in the standings.

One thing is for sure. Go Leafs Go!