NHL 2022-23 Season Weekly Power Rankings: Monday 11/7

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NHL, Vegas Golden Knights, Jonathan Marchessault #81

NHL, Vegas Golden Knights, Jonathan Marchessault #81 (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

Another week of hockey is in the books, which means that it’s time for our next round of power rankings for the 2022-2023 NHL season.

This list is a combination of my rankings and rankings done by Jim Lynch, and for the second straight week, we’ve got a new team at the bottom and a new team at the top, with plenty of shuffling in between.

Where do teams stand four weeks into the NHL season?

It’s been a whacky start to the NHL season, so no team is safe from a massive drop on our list, and no team is out of the running to be bumped up several spots. Without further ado, let’s dive in with the bottom four.

32. Columbus Blue Jackets (Previous Rank: 27)

The Blue Jackets are in last place in the NHL standings, and they’re in last place here too. Columbus is 3-9 and on a five-game losing during which they’ve surrendered four goals or more in each loss. Enough said.

31. San Jose Sharks (30)

The San Jose Sharks are Erik Karlsson. Without him, this team would easily be the worst in the NHL. Even with him, the Sharks are flirting with last place. If San Jose is 3-8-3 with Karlsson playing like an MVP candidate, I’m afraid to see what it’ll look like if he cools off.

30. Arizona Coyotes (31)

Arizona has not been good this year by any stretch of the imagination, but they’ve at least been more respectable than the teams below them here. You might get some decent games out of the Yotes, even if we shouldn’t expect much from them.

29. Anaheim Ducks (32)

After going seven games without a win, the Ducks pieced together a winning record last week. I’d love to say that Anaheim has figured it out and will now creep back into playoff contention, but I’ll settle for moving them up from last place to 29th in our power rankings.

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