Minnesota Wild: Marc-Andre Fleury sets a very interesting NHL record

The Minnesota Wild are lucky to have someone like Marc-Andre Fleury on their team. Their offense has been suspect outside of a few players this season, but he has helped mask that. This was on full display during their game on Friday night against the Seattle Kraken.

Mats Zuccarello scored his sixth goal of the season just over two minutes into the match and that would be it for Minnesota Wild goal-scoring for the rest of the night. Luckily, Marc-Andre Fleury was perfect the entire game as he made 28 saves on 28 shots and the Wild won 1-0.

This wasn’t just any old shutout for Marc-Andre Fleury who will be a Hall of Famer on his first ballot. He broke the record for most franchises that he recorded a shutout against. The Seattle Kraken were the 28th NHL team that he shut out in his remarkable NHL career.

Before playing with the Minnesota Wild, he had stints with the Chicago Blackhawks, Vegas Golden Knights, and Pittsburgh Penguins. Of course, most of his legendary moments came with those Penguins.

Minnesota Wild star Marc-Andre Fleury made some history on Friday.

The only four teams that Fleury hasn’t shut out in his NHL career are the Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, Vegas Golden Knights, and St. Louis Blues. The team that he has shut out most in his NHL career is the New Jersey Devils, as he has blanked them six times.

He will have more chances as a member of the Wild against the Blues, Blue Jackets, and Golden Knights but getting one against his own team is sure to be difficult. He’d have to sign a contract with a different team once his term with the Wild ends, which feels unlikely at this point.

These numbers line up with where Fleury has been in his NHL career. The team he’s shut out the most was in his division as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins while the four teams left for him to still try and get one against were in the Western Conference.

The Minnesota Wild are going to need Marc-Andre Fleury to keep this up if they want to be a postseason team. You’d think that their offense picks it up at some point, but he needs to hold it down until it does.

He had a weak start to the season, but he is finally getting it going and looking like the Marc-Andre Fleury that we all know and love.