Three Thoughts on the Vancouver Canucks as Struggles Continue

Vancouver Canucks, Bo Horvat #53. (Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images)
Vancouver Canucks, Bo Horvat #53. (Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images) /

After a rough start to the season, with a handful of wins to their record, the Vancouver Canucks find themselves in a deep hole to climb out of.

What is it about their game that is currently not producing at an adequate level in order to pick up the wins? More importantly, what isn’t working regarding the team’s depth that was praised during the off-season?

The coaching has been heavily criticized by the ownership of the team, which I strongly do not believe in because of the championship-caliber bench boss leading the group of guys.

Evaluating where the Canucks are struggling and need improvement.

Not to mention that coach Bruce Boudreau is an intelligent person that has coached many great players during his time in the NHL.

First Takeaway

Let me start off with the defense. The defensive system is uncharacteristically not playing according to the text book type of play in today’s fast-paced game, which is affecting the zone coverage in the defensive zone.

The players are sometimes at a standstill in front of the net and let the opposing teams sneak in and score goals off careless rebounds.

The shots-on-goal pace is high, and both goaltenders are constantly tested night in and night out without much relief at times.

Vancouver must play with more poise according to coach Boudreau’s system, not only because of his job but primarily because of the team’s need to re-establish themselves.

Second Takeaway

The offense is there and works at times, rather than not producing.

However, the puck movement is not as skillful as it needs to be, and the lack of chemistry on the team is making it difficult for the players to work with the system of play.

The leaders of the team are not responding well to criticism as they should be by scoring more points and leaving the doubters in the dust.

This Canucks team is also taking careless penalties that are costing them game-deciding goals.

The team has no balance with respect to matching evenly with other teams, and these qualities are taking away a chunk from the Vancouver Canucks.

Third Takeaway

Even though the Vancouver Canucks have their pluses, the team has a lot of work to do on their end and need to improve drastically.

The Canucks players must toughen up and get behind their coach, Bruce Boudreau, and respect the system he is implementing.

This team has all the tools to be the most improved team by February and can make an impact if utilized at its potential.

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For starters, Vancouver must rally behind its players, but as a great quote says, “Attitude Reflects Leadership,” and the Vancouver Canucks have a lot of that.