NHL 2022-23 Season Weekly Power Rankings: Monday 3/13

NHL, Boston Bruins, Brad Marchand #63. (Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images)
NHL, Boston Bruins, Brad Marchand #63. (Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images) /
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Another week of hockey is in the books, which means that it’s time for the next round of power rankings for the 2022-2023 NHL season.

This list is a combination of my rankings and rankings done by Jim Lynch, and stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Eastern Conference still owns the top spot.

Where does each NHL team stand as March approaches its halfway point?

By now, all non-contenders are awaiting the offseason, and the playoff teams have their rosters in place as they battle for position. Here are the updated NHL power rankings.

32. Columbus Blue Jackets (Previous Rank: 32)

The Columbus Blue Jackets didn’t play many games last week, but they did not win any of them. As the team that came in at number 32 in last week’s rankings, there is no reason to move the NHL’s last-place club out of that spot here.

31. San Jose Sharks (30)

After kicking off the week with a win against the Winnipeg Jets, the San Jose Sharks did not fare well. With their season record now at 19-36-12, San Jose is dangerously close to falling to last place in the league standings.

30. Chicago Blackhawks (31)

Despite trading away multiple key players, the Chicago Blackhawks continue to pick up points in the standings by winning games that they’re not supposed to win. The Hawks move up one spot for successfully playing spoiler since the trade deadline passed.

29. Anaheim Ducks (29)

The Anaheim Ducks had a week that was about as average as it gets, so they stay in the same position as last week. With a win total in the low 20s, the Ducks will likely not move up from this spot anytime soon.