Top 5 Must-Watch Calgary Flames Games of the 2023-24 Season

Blake Coleman #20, Noah Hanifin #55, Nikita Zadorov #16, Elias Lindholm #28, Kevin Rooney #21, Dan Vladar #80, Calgary Flames(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Blake Coleman #20, Noah Hanifin #55, Nikita Zadorov #16, Elias Lindholm #28, Kevin Rooney #21, Dan Vladar #80, Calgary Flames(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The NHL released the 2023-24 regular season schedule on June 27th. The Calgary Flames portion of that included an October 11th season opener at home and their last game of the regular season at home on April 18th. With 82 Flames games to check out over the course of six months, here is a narrowed-down list of the top five must-watch games for next season.

Five – October 24th Calgary Flames vs. New York Rangers (7:45 p.m. MT)

Now, at first glace, the initial thought to watch the Rangers play the Flames does not seem like that big of a game. Not one worth calling out. However, this is the game Calgary will be playing on the one day that every team in the league is playing this year. All 32 teams are hitting the ice for a night of hockey and might as well cheer for your team on this same night.

Four – October 11th Calgary Flames vs. Winnipeg Jets (8:00 p.m. MT)

Add another October game to the calendar as this game is the season opener for the Flames. With rumors swirling around the team about certain players not too enthused about re-signing, the opening night roster could be a lot different from last year. The first night of the season not only breaks the long six-month streak without hockey but also gives fans their first look at what they’re in for this year.

Three – November 27th Calgary Flames vs. Las Vegas Golden Knights (7:30 p.m. MT)

When the Flames opened their season against the reigning Stanley Cup champions last year, the Colorado Avalanche, it was a huge confidence booster. With their large roster changes over last year’s offseason, including the loss of Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Tkachuk and Sean Monahan, the hopes were not high for this team to start out. They blew everyone out of the water with a 5-3 victory.

This year, roster changes are expected again and if by the end of November, they are able to beat the Golden Knights in their first head-to-head match-up, it will bode well for their confidence and size them up against the rest of their Pacific Division competition.

Two – April 18th Calgary Flames vs. San Jose Sharks (7:00 p.m. MT)

This match-up will be the Flames’ last game of the regular season. Depending on how their year goes, this will either be their last game before they hit the golf course or their last game before they ramp up for playoffs. Depending on the scenario, one of two things will likely happen in this game. Either a bunch of young prospects will get called up to get some NHL time, which will give fans a glimpse into the future or it will be an exciting way to celebrate the end of an exciting season.

One – October 29th Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers (5:00 p.m. MT)

The Battle of Alberta games always find ways to be exciting and draw a crowd, but this one is that much more special. The Flames and Oilers will be playing an outdoor game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton for the Heritage Classic. Not only will the landscape of the game be unique, but it will also be an awesome opportunity for these two to “take it outside.” Will the outdoors heighten their rivalry or will they both get absorbed in the opportunity to play a classic game of hockey?

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