Los Angeles Kings: 3 insane trade packages for Connor Hellebuyck

Connor Hellebuyck #37, Winnipeg Jets (Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images)
Connor Hellebuyck #37, Winnipeg Jets (Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images) /
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The Los Angeles Kings have had an incredible off-season for themselves. They might still have some work to do and they need their young players to be great but the good times are here.

However, there is one minor issue that people might point out when they are evaluating this team. That, of course, is the position of goaltender.

As fans can tell, they aren’t trotting Jonathan Quick out there anymore but that doesn’t mean they can’t find themselves a good goalie to play going forward.

Right now, the Kings have Cam Talbot, Phoenix Copley, and David Rittich as their goaltending options but none of them had a save percentage over .903 last season.

None of them are the worst thing you’ve ever seen but a great team would like an upgrade. One player that might be an upgrade is Connor Hellebuyck.

He is someone that the Jets might be looking to trade. If the Kings wanted to be that team for them, the return might look something like this:

The Los Angeles Kings would absolutely love to land Connor Hellebuyck.

The Los Angeles Kings only have their first-round pick in the first three rounds. They would probably like to keep it for that reason but they also are clearly in on winning now.

After making some huge moves over the summer, they need some help in the net. Sending a first-round pick for Connor Hellebuyck could be worth it.

Obviously, they’d be hoping the first-round pick they send away is very late in the first because that would mean Hellebuyck helped them do some winning. Along with a seventh-round pick, this would be a great trade for both sides.