Los Angeles Kings: 3 insane trade packages for Connor Hellebuyck

Connor Hellebuyck #37, Winnipeg Jets (Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images)
Connor Hellebuyck #37, Winnipeg Jets (Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images) /
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Winnipeg Jets, Connor Hellebuyck
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The Los Angeles Kings could be really good if they get Connor Hellebuyck.

Connor Hellebuyck is worth a decent amount but the Winnipeg Jets are greatly mistaken if they think they are getting this super-elite return for him.

The NHL is not built around elite goaltenders anymore. Of course, it is nice to have them but the last two Stanley Cup champions got slightly above-average play from their goalies and won it all.

There are a few teams that could add a goalie like Hellebuyck and go win though. You’d think that the Kings are one of those teams.

They might be willing to move some good pieces but may not have to touch their first-round pick in 2023.

A future second-round pick might be interesting to Winnipeg though as they try to retool their roster. They were elite in the first half of 2022-23 but then fell off a cliff before entering the playoffs.

Alex Turcotte was a very highly touted prospect drafted near the top of the first round but he hasn’t come along the way that the Kings had hoped.

Now, trading him away when the team is ready to win could be a good idea. The Jets would love to take a chance on a young talented prospect like that.