These 3 free-agents would get the Buffalo Sabres into the playoffs

Patrick Kane #88, New York Rangers (Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images)
Patrick Kane #88, New York Rangers (Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images) /
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Pittsburgh Penguins, Tomas Tatar
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2. Tomas Tatar

Tomas Tatar could help the Buffalo Sabres create some depth in 2023-24.

The Buffalo Sabres are looking to have a very strong forward group. You heard some of the names along with the great defensemen on this team already.

Now, it wouldn’t hurt to think about some depth. Even if this team added Patrick Kane, there is no reason they can’t also see the price on Tomas Tatar.

If the New Jersey Devils didn’t make the playoffs last season, Tatar would already be signed on a four-year deal somewhere. He fell off hard in April which is giving teams some pause.

However, he had to be injured a little bit because he was magnificent for New Jersey during the regular season.

He isn’t the same Tatar that played for the Detroit Red Wings or Vegas Golden Knights but there is clearly still a lot left in the hockey tank.

The Buffalo Sabres would love to add a guy coming off 20 goals to their fourth line. This is their chance.