The New Original Six Teams of the PWHL has been revealed

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The all new Professional Women’s Hockey League will embark on their inaugural season in January of 2024. With just a few months until the start of the PWHL, fans finally found out where the six inaugural franchises will be located.

The New Original Six Teams of the PWHL has been revealed.

There will be three teams located in the United States and three teams located in Canada. The U.S. teams will be in Boston, New York City and Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Canadien teams will be Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

The six teams will play a 24-game regular season. After the rosters are formed through a free agency signing period as well as a PWHL draft all of which takes place in September.

There will be 23 players on every teams active roster and for the first time all of Women’s Hockey will be united in one league. Previously women’s hockey has been split between players in the PHF and players in the Professional Women’s Hockey Player’s Association.

The full 24 game schedule will be announced in the coming months ahead. First all eyes will be on the roster construction and draft phase of the league. Each team will have a 10-day signing window to sign up to three players. This will be a big time to add some of the league’s best talent. So keep an eye on how each team chooses to add their top stars from Sept. 1-10.

While we do not know the actual schedule yet, there is some news regarding how the NHL and PWHL could interact this upcoming season. Check out this tweet from Greg Wyshynski of ESPN.

Down the line I think it would be a lot of fun if the PWHL actually got a team in the three on three All-Star game. In years past some of the best women’s hockey players have been at the skills competition but to actually let the new league have a team in the all-star game could make for a fun and historic event.

The PWHL released a letter to fans early on Tuesday. This is definitely an exciting time for women’s hockey!