The Winnipeg Jets made a very interesting captain choice

The Winnipeg Jets are a very interesting National Hockey League team right now. It is hard to tell whether or not they are rebuilding, retooling, or trying to win this upcoming season.

There are rumors about them trading certain players on the team that were stars in the past. If that were to happen, that would mean that they are certainly rebuilding and looking toward the future.

They made it to the postseason last year but they were eliminated by the Vegas Golden Knights who eventually won the Stanley Cup. Obviously, the fans would like to see them win more than they would like to see them lose.

On Tuesday, the Jets made a very interesting announcement to the hockey world. They announced that Adam Lowry is going to be the next captain in team history. Canadian teams announcing captains seems to be the theme of the week.

Adam Lowry is going to be the next captain of the Winnipeg Jets franchise.

That is not anything other than a surprise based on some of the players that they have on their team. Lowry is a great player but nobody necessarily expected him to become the next captain of the Winnipeg Jets right now.

He did wear an “A” on his sweater last year so it might not be totally shocking but there are other players that made sense too. They are hoping that this move ends up working out for them the best.

Lowry is currently 30 years old and has three years left on this deal with the Winnipeg Jets. He is currently entering his 10th year in the National Hockey League, all with the Winnipeg Jets.

So far, he has played 621 NHL games and has scored 93 goals to go with 111 assists for 204 points. He isn’t a superstar player by any means but he is a very good depth piece that you can use to help win games. Sometimes those guys make the best captains.

Lowry was a third-round pick in the 2011 NHL draft coming from the Swift Current Broncos. He has since turned himself into a pretty good NHL player and now he wears a C on his chest.

No matter what happens with the Winnipeg Jets the season on the ice, you can expect that he will have a great year as the captain and younger players will certainly look up to him. It is an interesting choice but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice.