3 amazing NHL milestones that we will see in 2023-24

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2. Connor McDavid reaches 1000 points

There is a world in which Connor McDavid reaches his 100th career NHL point.

Yes, you read that right. 26-year-old (will turn 27 in January) Connor McDavid can reach 1000 points this season. Obviously, that would be legendary for him to accomplish at this young of an age.

Reaching that milestone in your late 30s is impressive because it means you were a great player for so long. McDavid is on another level of legendary status already though.

Last season, McDavid had a career year for the Edmonton Oilers as he had 64 goals and 89 assists for 153 points. All of those were career highs by at least 10. It was an incredible year and one we haven’t seen from an NHL player in decades.

McDavid set out to score more goals and he did. He smashed his previous career high of 44 goals by adding on another 20. His assists didn’t go down with this adjustment either. In fact, they went up by ten (79 in 2021-22/89 in 2022-23).

It would take another super-elite year like that for McDavid to reach the 1000-point mark. He currently has 850 points so his 150th point would reach the milestone. Of course, that is a high mark but who is going to bet against Connor McDavid? Not us.