3 amazing NHL milestones that we will see in 2023-24

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Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin
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3. Alex Ovechkin reaches 1500 points

Alexander Ovechkin has had a lot of NHL milestones on his mind lately.

The Washington Capitals are probably not going to be a winning team for the next handful of years. However, they are going to be playing for something very special in the meantime while they retool their roster.

The franchise’s all-time greatest player, Alex Ovechkin, has 822 career goals. When he scores his 895th goal, he will be the NHL’s all-time leading goal scorer. This is going to be an amazing moment in NHL history whenever it does happen.

If Ovechkin keeps at his typical pace, maybe a little bit lower because of his age, he should break the record late in the 2024-25 season or early in the 2025-26 season. Either way, it is coming for him.

In 2023-24, however, there is another milestone that Ovechkin is going to hit. He is known for being a goal scorer but make no mistake about his ability to make some plays too. He has 663 assists to go with those 822 goals so his point total is up to 1485.

When he reaches his 15th point of the season, Ovechkin will be the 16th player in NHL history to reach 1,500 points. Right above him on the list is Sidney Crosby which is fitting thanks to all of the great battles that the two have had.

This won’t warrant quite the same celebration that breaking Gretzky’s record will but it will be very cool to see. That many points is no joke.

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