10 must-see college players in the NCAA Hockey Tournament

The NCAA Tournament is incredible every year. These ten players will be must-see TV.
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The NCHC has two players that could lead their team to a National Title

9. Jackson Blake

Jackson Blake of North Dakota is box office too. If he isn’t as known as some of the other stars in college hockey, it is about time that people start learning. The Carolina Hurricanes prospect is truly special.

Blake is tied with Celebrini and Gauthier for the second most points in the nation. They only trail Will Smith. Blake needs to stay hot if North Dakota is going to have a shot.

10. Zeev Buium

Zeev Buium of Denver might not be as well known as some of the others on this list but people need to know about him. He is a top prospect eligible for the 2024 NHL Draft. He won’t be drafted within the first few picks but he very well could go in the top 10. You can almost guarantee it’ll be within the top 15.

Buium is a defenseman who can set up plays and create tons of offensive chances for those around him. Denver is going to rely on him to play well on the back end so they have a chance to come out of their region.