3 Buffalo Sabres players who deserve plenty of blame

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Devon Levi must be a better goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres

Devon Levi got into 7 games last season at the end of the year once his NCAA season was over. He was an elite college goalie with Northeastern before coming to the NHL so a lot of people were excited.

In those 7 games, he went 5-2-0 with a 2.94 GAA and a .905 save percentage. He then came into this season as a Calder Trophy candidate as a result of his brilliant first stint in the league.

Levi was underperforming this season to the point where he was sent to the AHL. He played very well there in two games but has since been returned.

In the NHL, he has played in 14 games this year. He is 6-4-2 with a 3.27 GAA and a .892 save percentage. You don't win in the NHL with subpar goaltending and this is worse than subpar goaltending.

Most of their success this season depended on Levi taking a step as an NHL goaltender and that was clearly too much to expect.

He is going to be a great player in the NHL but he has a long way to go in his development. He is only 21 which is very young for a pro goalie and it is obvious with Levi that he was thrown into the fire too soon.