3 changes that must be made for the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer

The Toronto Maple Leafs must change it up ahead of next season. There are some big moves to be made at this point.
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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The Toronto Maple Leafs need to change up the "core four" this summer

The "core four" has always been a very exciting group for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That group includes Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, and John Tavares.

Matthews just scored 69 goals and is one of the five best players in the NHL right now. He has already won the Hart Trophy and two Rocket Richards. He is probably not one of the ones being moved.

Nylander just had an incredible 98-point season that included a contract extension at the mid-way point. It is hard to see them letting him go either.

That leaves Marner and Tavares. Not many teams are going to jump on Tavares' contract at his age with one year left so that may be a hard person to shake.

Marner would be a good fit for a lot of teams so he is the likely candidate. It is a shame that these guys were never able to win together but this mix just isn't working. It is time for change.