3 players the Anaheim Ducks must trade before the deadline

The Anaheim Ducks need to make a few trades before the deadline.
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The Anaheim Ducks have a defenseman they could trade away

Ilya Lyubushkin is a defenseman that the Anaheim Ducks have on an expiring contract. He could get moved for a smaller asset if someone needs help on the blue line.

He isn't going to go to a new team and change things dramatically the way someone like Henrique might. Silfverberg might even be more valuable to a team.

The fact of the matter, however, is that depth on defense is a major need in this league. That becomes especially true when the playoffs roll around.

Lyubushkin is the only defenseman that the Ducks have right now who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. He is a low-risk-high-reward player for a playoff team to consider.

He isn't going to bring any offense as he has zero goals and four assists through 46 games played. However, he is a capable NHL defenseman in the short term.

In addition to the other two on this list, there is a place on a contending team for him if the right situation comes calling. Losing all of them also makes the Ducks a worse team which increases their chance of being a lottery winner in the spring. There is a lot to think about here.