3 potential Blackhawks replacements for Connor Bedard at All-Star Game

The Chicago Blackhawks need to name an All-Star replacement for Connor Bedard.
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The Chicago Blackhawks are dealing with the worst luck of all time. On top of having a terrible roster, the few good players on the team have dealt with injuries all season long.

The latest is generational rookie Connor Bedard. He was well on pace to be the Calder Trophy winner as he had 15 goals and 18 assists for 33 points in 39 games played. For being the youngest player in the league, that is incredible.

Unfortunately, he needed surgery to repair his fractured jaw and is going to be out for 6-8 weeks. He is going to miss the All-Star Game.

In his place, the Blackhawks need to name an injury replacement. These are the three best options for them to choose:

Philipp Kurashev is young and would fit in at the All-Star Game

Whoever replaces Bedard is going to be far from a superstar in the NHL but they are the next best options for the Blackhawks since one player from each team needs to go.

Philipp Kurashev is an option as he is having a pretty good year. So far, he has eight goals, 15 assists, and 23 points in 34 games.

He is a highly skilled player who is 24 years old and is just starting to find his way onto the scoresheet regularly. Kurashev isn't as good as anybody that is going to be at the All-Star Game but he will fit in once the games begin.

Kurashev is one of many very good Swiss players in the league and he'd be a great representative for them as well. If the Blackhawks have to send someone in Bedard's place, their second-leading scorer is a good option.