3 potential Blackhawks replacements for Connor Bedard at All-Star Game

The Chicago Blackhawks need to name an All-Star replacement for Connor Bedard.
Calgary Flames v Chicago Blackhawks
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Jason Dickinson is someone for them to consider for the ASG as well

We talked about Chicago's second-leading scorer behind Bedard. Well, how about Chicago's second-leading goal-scorer behind Bedard? That would be Jason Dickinson.

On Tuesday night, Dickinson scored his 14th goal of the season. By the time Bedard comes back, Dickinson should be leading the team in that department all by himself.

Seeing Dickinson make it would be a very nice story. He has already passed his career high of nine goals. He has scored as many goals this year as the two years before that combined.

He has always been a solid bottom-six forward in the league and now he may get a chance as an All-Star because of an injury. It would probably be very cool for him and his family to have that kind of experience.

The Blackhawks may be looking to trade Dickinson at the deadline for assets. Having him as an All-Star this year would certainly beef up his resume.