3 potential Blackhawks replacements for Connor Bedard at All-Star Game

The Chicago Blackhawks need to name an All-Star replacement for Connor Bedard.
Calgary Flames v Chicago Blackhawks
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Petr Mrazek could fit in as an All-Star goalie based on how he's played

Petr Mrazek is far from a Vezina-caliber goalie these days. He isn't even close to his prime but he has been very good this year for being on such a bad team.

He currently has a 10-14-1 record with a 3.21 goals-against average and a .902 save percentage. His save percentage is currently better than Jake Oettinger of the Dallas Stars who made the team.

Now, we know Oettinger is a better goalie than Mrazek (by a lot) but this could be a Bedard replacement if they need to add another goalie.

He deserves some thought based on how he's played with this dumpster fire in front of him. It isn't like the other options on this team don't have flaws in the logic either.

Mrazek has paid his dues in this league. When he was with Detroit early in his career, he had some All-Star-worthy moments but was never one of those guys. Now is probably the one time where he could be on the team.

Just like Dickinson, Mrazek could be moved at the deadline if a goalie needing team overpays for him. Being an All-Star this season might drive up the price.

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