3 reasons the Boston Bruins didn't win the Stanley Cup

The Boston Bruins will not be winning the Stanley Cup in 2024. There are a few reasons for that.
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages
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The Florida Panthers eliminated the Boston Bruins in six games. They earned their trip to the second round following a big game-seven win over the Toronto Maple Leafs but couldn't advance again.

Now, the Bruins will head into the off-season wondering what happened this year. They were better than most people thought they'd be but Boston will never see that as good enough.

The Bruins won game one, lost the next three, and then forced game six with a big win in game five. It is unfortunate for them that they weren't able to get it done.

These are the three biggest reasons that the Bruins weren't able to win the series and eventually the Stanley Cup:

The Florida Panthers know something that the Boston Bruins don't

This is the second year in a row that the Bruins lost to the Panthers in a playoff series. In 2022-23, the Bruins blew a 3-1 lead after having the best record in NHL history.

This year, they lost to them again in six games. The Bruins are one of the best teams in the NHL but they are having a hard time figuring out Florida in the playoffs.

If this Bruins team wants to win the Stanley Cup with their core consisting of Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak, and Charlie McAvoy amongst others, they are eventually going to have to get through these Panthers.

Figuring out how to beat the Panthers would be a great way for them to figure out how to win the Stanley Cup because Florida is that good.

Not being able to take them down was their biggest downfall in 2023-24. It doesn't matter how things go in the head-to-head matchup in the regular season. It is all about the playoffs.