3 reasons the Boston Bruins didn't win the Stanley Cup

The Boston Bruins will not be winning the Stanley Cup in 2024. There are a few reasons for that.
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages
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David Pastrnak of the Bruins wasn't himself in the playoffs this year

The Boston Bruins need a lot from David Pastrnak to be successful with the roster that they currently have. He gave them everything and more in 2023-24.

In 82 games played this season, Pastrnak had 47 goals and 63 assists for 110 points. He was one of the best players in the NHL and will have a top-ten Hart Trophy finish.

It is most unfortunate for the Bruins that he wasn't himself in the playoffs. He came up big when he was needed the most in overtime of game seven but that was just his fifth point of the series (3-2--5).

In the series against the Panthers, he had one goal and two assists for three points in six games. It just wasn't the Pasta that we are used to seeing in the playoffs.

He has been far from that star player that disappears in the playoffs. It is unclear if something was bothering him health-wise or not but we will find out soon.

Everything goes through him when it comes to offense so when he has a slow series, the team can be in trouble.

These are all things that can be addressed during the summer. With the new cap room that they are going to have, expect them to make a few smart and useful moves.