3 reasons the Los Angeles Kings didn't win the Stanley Cup

The Los Angeles Kings won't win the Stanley Cup as they have been eliminated.
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game Five
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game Five / Codie McLachlan/GettyImages
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The Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings played each other in the postseason for the third straight season.

In 2022, the Oilers won the series in seven games. In 2023, the Oilers won in six games. In 2024, the Oilers have now won in five games.

Their domination over the Kings is only getting more and more clear as the years go on. Right now, they have their number for sure.

The Kings won't be winning the Stanley Cup this year and there are a few big reasons why:

Pierre-Luc Dubois was a non-factor for the Kings against the Oilers

Pierre-Luc Dubois had a disappointing regular season for the Los Angeles Kings. This was his first year with the team as they made the big trade to get him from the Winnipeg Jets.

He had 16 goals and 24 assists for 40 points. That would be a great total for a third liner but he is paid like a high-end top-six forward and didn't even come close to looking like one this season.

In this series, he was a non-factor. He scored a goal in the first game and didn't register a single point the rest of the way.

If the Oilers wanted to win this series, they needed Dubois to be one of many players contributing to the scoresheet and he provided almost nothing.

This was a very disappointing season for him as he now looks like he has one of the worst contracts in the NHL. He better take a good hard look in the mirror this summer when preparing for 2024-25.