3 reasons the New York Rangers didn't win the Stanley Cup

The New York Rangers are out. The Florida Panthers beat them in six games.
New York Rangers v Florida Panthers - Game Six
New York Rangers v Florida Panthers - Game Six / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Jacob Trouba was not good enough for the New York Rangers

The New York Rangers expect their captain Jacob Trouba to be one of the best defensemen on their team. He was not that for them in this series or even in the playoffs at all.

For one, he puts his team in a bad spot a lot with his penalties. He likes to elbow people in the head and hit them up high a lot. He even received a 5000 fine in this series.

Trouba had ten total penalty minutes in the series which is a lot of time for the Panthers power play to get going.

He also wasn't very good when playing. He skated around a lot which led to a ton of puck chasing. The Panthers capitalized on a couple of these Trouba mistakes.

He certainly didn't contribute enough offensively either. He just had three assists and they all came early in the series.

If the Rangers want to win, Trouba needs to be better. Teams need their captains to be amongst the best players on the team and Trouba was far from being that guy for them. At his cap hit, they need more.