3 reasons the Winnipeg Jets didn't win the Stanley Cup

The Winnipeg Jets blew their chance to win the Stanley Cup yet again.
Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche - Game Four
Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche - Game Four / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Cale Makar might have helped the Avalanche beat anyone in this series

The Colorado Avalanche have a superstar in Cale Makar. You can make a claim that he is the greatest (most impactful) player in the NHL right now.

Makar had nine points in this series which (at the time of Colorado's advancement) had him tied for second only behind Connor McDavid.

This is a defenseman that has done everything in the NHL. Now, it is about stacking as many deep playoff runs as possible.

With Makar on the ice playing the way that he did, the Jets had no chance to stop him. Whether it was coast to coast goals, incredible passing, or great defensive work, he does it all.

The way that Makar impacts a game in the playoffs is unlike anybody he's ever gone against. The Jets tried to do what they can against him but not doing better cost them a series win.