3 teams that should trade for Rutger McGroarty

Rutger McGroarty is a prospect that a few teams could trade for soon.
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Adding Rutger McGroarty makes sense for the San Jose Sharks

Both the New Jersey Devils and Chicago Blackhawks are farther along than the San Jose Sharks. With that said, the Sharks would also be a great fit for Rutger McGroarty. 

They aren’t going to have a winner in San Jose for a long time but it could come a bit quicker if they are smart with their transactions in the coming year or two. 

They selected Will Smith with the fourth overall pick in 2023. He went to Boston College for one year and was one of the best players in the NCAA. The only college player that was definitively better was Macklin Celebrini of Boston University and the Sharks will select him first overall. 

Adding McGroarty in with those three would make it a college hockey super party in San Jose’s system. All of them would develop into NHL players together with an incredibly high ceiling.