4 potential National Hockey League trade deadline deals

With the NHL trade deadline right around the corner, there is a long list of trades that could be made.
Pittsburgh Penguins v Minnesota Wild
Pittsburgh Penguins v Minnesota Wild / Nick Wosika/GettyImages
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The NHL trade deadline is always one of the most exciting times of the year. With new faces in new places, all teams are invested in building their team up for the now or the future.

Suspense builds this time of year as fans clamor to know if their favorite team will be adding a significant piece to pursue Stanley Cup aspirations or trading away their favorite player with an eye toward a rebuild to set up future success. 

With trades already made involving high-end pieces and big-time Canadian markets like Elias Lindholm going from Calgary to Vancouver and Sean Monahan going from Montreal to Winnipeg, fans were able to catch a glimpse of the potential chaos that the trade deadline could bring.

However, things feel a little different than in years past. This season, it appears that there are only a handful of teams buying players while the majority of teams in the middle or near the bottom of the league like Calgary and Anaheim want to try and sell multiple pieces to acquire future assets.

There are a lot of trades that could be made before the NHL Trade Deadline

This creates an unbalanced market and could allow for buying teams to get some steals on the trade block. With that being said, there are still several intriguing names that bring a lot of value that are being discussed as possible trade chips for this NHL trade deadline coming up on March 8th.

With just over two weeks until the deadline approaches, it would be a fun exercise to go over some potential trades that could occur over the next few weeks.

Keep in mind these are hypothetical and not all of them are perfect but these trades have been made with what the realistic value and return for these teams and assets could be come March 8th.