3 acquisitions at the NHL trade deadline that will exponentially reward their new teams

Now that the NHL trade deadline is out of the way let’s talk about a trio of players who won’t make an immediate impact on their new teams.
New York Rangers v San Jose Sharks
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The NHL trade deadline for 2024 is history, and what a fun week it was, watching some blockbuster trades and even some moves that had gone relatively unnoticed. Arguably, the biggest move that occurred leading up to deadline day was the Noah Hanifin deal, but one that few have spoken about at the same level was the Tyler Toffoli trade.  

It won’t be long until Toffoli skates into Winnipeg and shows everyone that he’s the missing piece for a Jets team that desperately needed one more scorer. Many have also spoken about the Casey Mittelstadt and Sean Walker trades, and rightfully so, given how well they played in their previous stops. 

We can also discuss how the more obscure moves were good ones that, while they didn’t generate the same publicity as some of the trades mentioned above, will nonetheless help their respective organizations win hockey games. 

Some NHL trade deadline acquisitions will be exponentially rewarding

The Hanifin, Walker, Mittelstadt, and Toffoli trades were all blockbuster-worthy, but will they “exponentially” reward their new teams? They could, but and some probably will, but not as much as the trio of moves listed below. 

Each player involved in the following three trades has yet to see their new additions suit up for their respective teams as of Monday, March 11th. However, it doesn’t mean these incoming arrivals won’t go above and beyond to reward their new teams once they take the ice.

One trade in particular will have a lasting effect, thanks to the fact their contract runs until the end of the 2020s. The next trade mentioned is a likely rental. But they will still catapult their new team into the top five in scoring and help them maintain a top-five ranking in goals allowed. 

The final acquisition listed won’t see the ice much, but their experience and leadership ability could be the final piece to their new team’s latest potential championship run.