Atlanta took a big step toward becoming an NHL city once again

Atlanta took a big step toward becoming an NHL city once again.
"Black Excellence and Joy in Hockey" Campaign
"Black Excellence and Joy in Hockey" Campaign / Alexi Rosenfeld/GettyImages

Earlier in the NHL season, the ownership group from Salt Lake City, Utah submitted a formal expansion request that is going to be reviewed by the league.

Now, there is another team trying to come into the league. Alpharetta Sports and Entertainment Group submitted a formal request to become an NHL franchise.

This is a group led by former NHL star Anson Carter. His group is ready to take a third crack at bringing the NHL back to Atlanta, Georgia.

Carter knows what it takes to be involved with the NHL as he was a player from 1996-2007. He played 674 career games split between the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Vancouver Canucks, Carolina Hurricanes, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

During that time, he scored 202 goals and had 219 assists for 421 points. He was a pretty good player and he has worked as a broadcaster since then. The man loves the game of hockey.

The NHL may end up back in Atlanta next time the league expands

Atlanta has tried and failed in the NHL two other times but this feels different. Not only has hockey thrived in other places since then but times are just different overall.

With the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta Braves already there from the "Big Four" (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB), the sports scene is set for another squad.

The way that the rules NHL work with the expansion draft these days, they'd have a chance to be good so they could hit the ground running. That would get the fans more involved as winning sells.

The Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights are proof that modern-day expansion works well. They just played each other in the Winter Classic this year and both have been in the playoffs quickly. Vegas, who may be an exception to the rule, is already a Stanley Cup winner.

If the NHL does end up expanding to Atlanta, they are going to be successful this time. The town is growing and they deserve another chance. Hopefully, this ownership group does what is needed to bring them in and have success.