Blackhawks vs Oilers: Connor vs Connor will be a treat to watch

Connor Bedard is going to face Connor McDavid for the first time ever.
Edmonton Oilers v Washington Capitals
Edmonton Oilers v Washington Capitals / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Connor Bedard is going to face Connor McDavid for the first time. Their two teams will meet on Tuesday night at Rogers Place.

Both of these guys are former number-one overall picks in the NHL Draft. McDavid was taken by the Edmonton Oilers in 2015 and Bedard was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2023. They both entered their respective drafts as consensus number-one picks.

Both have been given the "generational talent" label as well based on how they played as teenagers leading up to being drafted.

Connor McDavid is considered a veteran at this point and he has lived up to all of the hype. He's been even better than anyone imagined. He has scored 313 goals and added 573 assists for 886 points in 592 games played. He will be a 1000-point player before turning 28 years old.

This season saw McDavid deal with an injury early and a slower-than-usual start. He has since rebounded in a big way as he now has 10 goals and 26 assists for 36 points in 23 games played. Reaching 1000 career points before this season is over is not out of the question.

Both Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard have put on a show this season

As for Bedard, the sample size is much smaller. He only has this season to look at in terms of NHL production. In 27 games played, he has 11 goals and 12 assists for 23 points. He isn't quite at a point-per-game pace but he is close enough for being 18 years old.

If the season were to end today, he'd win the Calder Trophy as the league's top rookie. By the time he is 25 years old, he will be close to as productive as McDavid. He is on a similar trajectory.

Bedard's playmaking is developing in front of our eyes. He is seen as this incredible goal scorer (accurate) but his hockey IQ is off the charts. A lot of players have scored goals because of his brilliance. That will only get better over time too which is scary to think about.

We finally get to see them skate on the same ice together. This is as exciting as it gets for hockey as two of its brightest stars take center stage.

The Blackhawks are bad. They are looking to have another high draft pick so they can build a great team around Bedard. There is a lot of losing on the horizon and it will only get worse after the trade deadline.

The Oilers are far from bad but they had a bad start. They were so terrible that they fired head coach Jay Woodcroft. They hired Kris Knoblauch to replace him and have gone 9-3 since. They are currently on a seven-game winning streak.

With the two Connors leading the way, this game is going to be must-see TV for all hockey fans. They are sure to both be hyped up for this matchup which will make it very entertaining. Both of the supporting casts are going to want to win this game knowing the headlines.

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