Connor Bedard is still in the lead for the Calder but it is dwindling

Connor Bedard is still the Calder Trophy favorite but his lead is dwindling.
Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks
Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago Blackhawks have the best rookie in the NHL and everybody knows it. However, the best rookie doesn’t always win the Calder Trophy because there is a lot that goes into winning that trophy. 

For one, you need to be healthy to win the award. Bedard is not healthy right now as he is recovering from a jaw injury that required surgery. He hasn’t seen game action since January 5th.

Bedard is still the rookie scoring leader after all of that time missed. He has 33 points in 39 games played. Points aren't everything but he is a great generator of offense as the youngest player in the league.

The fact that nobody has caught him yet despite him being out for almost a month speaks volumes about what he's doing as a rookie.

Connor Bedard is the most talented rookie the NHL has seen in a while

Brock Faber of the Minnesota Wild and a few others are catching up. Now, all of them have played way more games than Bedard but they are getting close to the point totals.

Faber has 29 points in 49 games played. He is a defenseman which makes his point total as a rookie even more impressive. His Wild teammate, Marco Rossi, is third with 28 points in those same 49 games.

Adam Fantilli of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who went third overall in Bedard's draft, is in fourth with 27 points in 49 games. The young skilled forward might be out for a bit now too though as he was hurt in their most recent game.

Luke Hughes of the New Jersey Devils, another defenseman, has 26 points in 47 games played. He is scoring goals from the blue line as well as he has eight already.

All of these guys are in contention for the award now that Bedard has missed a bunch of time and is going to continue to be out for a little while longer.

If he gets back quickly, you know that he will start scoring a lot again, which should put the award in his pocket, but his lead is dwindling fast.

In the NHL, you must play and be productive to stay at the top of any leaderboard. Hopefully, the kid gets back fast because he is must-see TV.