Five thoughts on the Blackhawks offseason after NHL Draft Lottery

The Chicago Blackhawks didn't end up winning big at the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery, but that doesn't mean the team can't take a step forward this offseason.
Chicago Blackhawks Morning Skate
Chicago Blackhawks Morning Skate / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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2. Davidson has already taken care of two of the biggest pieces of the teams offseason.

The Blackhawks announced they had extended Lukas Reichel on a two year deal worth $1.2 million a year on Tuesday. Earlier this offseason the team extended big defender Alex Vlasic on a massive six year extension. Those two pieces were arguably the biggest pieces to need extensions this offseason and both are now signed.

Both contracts are good for the player and the organization. For Reichel he gets security being signed for two seasons. For Vlasic he got a number he liked and the organization got a number they think could be a steal if he continues to perform well and the cap goes up.

Reichel's contract is more of a let's see what happens in the next two years, but hopefully the former first round pick can text a step forward next season

3. Could Reinhart be an option in free agency?

The Florida Panthers are in the midst of a Stanley Cup Playoff run they believe could bring the organization their first Stanley Cup. One key player on the roster without an extension is Sam Reinhart.

Reinhart was drafted second overall in 2014 by the Buffalo Sabres, but it was the Florida Panthers who helped turn Reinhart into a real elite NHL player. This season he put up 57 goals and 94 points in 82 games for the team. He is also only 28 years old, there is a lot of good hockey still ahead of him.

Reinhart would make a great wing on a line with Connor Bedard, and he is someone the Hawks could use as a center as well if they need to. While the Panthers might not want to lose their team leader in goals and points, considering the season he just had, the Hawks could afford to pay him well.

4. Name a captain or another year with assistants?

The Blackhawks had three alternate captains during the 2023-24 season. During the first year without Jonathan Toews, that seemed like the right move. But now, this group has played together for an entire season, and the organization is looking to take a step forward on the ice.

Now seems like the right time to name a new captain. The organization is in a position where they want to compete more game in and game out. While the Hawks have a good room, there needs to be one leader to look to now throughout the season.

Realistically, I think there are two options for who should be the Blackhawks captain, Connor Murphy or Nick Foligno.

Connor Bedard is going to be the face of the organization and very well should be the captain one day, but both Foligno and Murphy would give Bedard a few more seasons to hold off in being the voice in the room. Jonathan Toews was the perfect captain at a young age, there is no need to put Bedard through that pressure if the team can put it off.

Foligno has more experience on a good team than Murphy, but Murphy has also been with the organization the longest compared to any Hawk at this point so either would make for a deserving captain.

5. Realistic goal for the Blackhawks during the 2024-25 season?

The Blackhawks finished the 2023-24 season with a 25-53-6 record, good enough for 52 points during the season. The Predators were the fourth team in the Central Division to make the playoffs and they did so with 99 points. To think the Hawks are going to jump 47 points next season and make the postseason might be a stretch, but there could be a realistic goal the team can make.

The goal for the 2024-25 season should be about the roster Kyle Davidson puts on the ice. Rather than setting the goal to be winning a certain amount of games or finishing in some position in the standings. The goal should be to not put together a roster with four or five players who could all be traded out on trade deadline day.

The moves the Blackhawks make this offseason should be to sign players with some term, players that can be apart of the future in this organization. If come late January or early February fans are not talking about who is getting shipped out this year for what price, that could be a win.