The New Jersey Devils head into the Christmas break feeling better

The New Jersey Devils pulled off a big win on Saturday night.
Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils
Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils are having a very interesting season. The way that 2022-23 went for them made everyone believe that they’d be a legit Stanley Cup threat once again this year. 

There have been flashes of that dominance at times but something isn’t quite right. There has been questionable goaltending and coaching throughout the early portion of the year so that all needs to be corrected soon. 

They had their last game before the Christmas holiday on Saturday night and they were successful in entering the break feeling good about themselves. 

New Jersey defeated Detroit 3-2 at Prudential Center. Timo Meier scored the Devils' first two goals, which found them tied with the Wings before Tyler Toffoli scored the eventual game-winner. 

The New Jersey Devils enter the Christmas break feeling very good.

The Devils did a good enough job defending as they only allowed two to the wings. They allowed the first goal of the game again though as Patrick Kane scored an easy goal from the side of the net thanks to a defensive breakdown. 

If they can be better at starting games, they might find it easier to win games consistently again. They have been lucky to come back and win as often as they have so far this year. 

Timo Meier had been struggling to score since his injury a few weeks back. He went ten games without a goal since returning to the lineup but he finally broke out of that in Thursday night’s loss to Edmonton. 

It felt like Meier’s goal-scoring floodgates might be open with this goal and now he has three goals over his final two games before the break. He needs to be productive for the Devils to win and he seems to be back on track now. We can only hope it continues. 

Now, the Devils can reset the batteries over the next handful of days as the holiday break is here. They will return next Wednesday when they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets at home. 

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