Northeastern won another Beanpot thanks to Gunnarwolfe Fontaine

Northeastern won another Beanpot thanks to Gunnarwolfe Fontaine.

2023 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Game
2023 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Game / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages

The Beanpot is always one of the most exciting hockey tournaments that takes place annually. Harvard, Boston College, Northeastern, and Boston University know how to put on a show.

In the semi-finals last week, Boston University defeated Boston College to end a little bit of a slump against their biggest rivals. Ahead of that game, Northeastern defeated Harvard in overtime to advance to the Beanpot Final.

Before the final took place on Monday night, BC and Harvard played in a consolation game. Boston College won it 5-0 as they were the better and more talented team.

As for the main event, it was much closer. Boston University scored first on a very nice goal by future number-one overall pick Macklin Celebrini.

The Beanpot Final was an incredibly exciting game for all college hockey fans

From there, goals were exchanged all game long. Although B.U. is one of the top college hockey teams in the country, Northeastern always pushes hard when they are participating in the Beanpot.

You'd think that BU would pull away in the end but they did no such thing. They went to overtime tied at three. Eventually, Northeastern won their second straight Beanpot thanks to an overtime game-winning goal by Gunnarwolfe Fontaine.

Of course, the kid with the best name in college hockey came up big once again. In last year's Beanpot, he scored two goals in the final. He also scored the overtime winner against Harvard in the semi-final last week to get his team to the big game. He is as clutch as they come in this tournament's history.

There was a lot of NHL-caliber talent in this tournament and a lot of these guys are going to become household names. A lot of them made big plays which helped make this tournament very exciting.

Winning two in a row and five of the last six is incredible for the Huskies. They have turned this into a modern-day Beanpot dynasty. They should be proud of how far their program has come.

Now, all of these teams will move on from the Beanpot in the hopes of making it to the NCAA Tournament. Boston University and Boston College have national titles on their mind while Northeastern has yet another Beanpot championship.

The TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins, was host to another great event. It is fair to already be excited for next season. Northeastern is the king of college hockey in Boston again and it was glorious to watch.