One analyst thinks the New Jersey Devils are a good fit for Marc-Andre Fleury

One analyst thinks the New Jersey Devils are a good for Marc-Andre Fleury as he may be available.
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Kevin Weekes is one of the more respected people in the hockey circle. He is always incredibly kind and thoughtful when speaking about hockey. He also delivers when it comes to rumors and inside information.

On his ESPN hit "News Of The Weekes" with Steve Levy, he discussed a few different goaltenders that could be moved before the trade deadline on March 8th.

Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the goalies that he talked about in this segment and he mentioned a team that may make sense. He brought up the New Jersey Devils when saying the Wild might move Fleury.

The New Jersey Devils would love to add a player like Marc-Andre Fleury

The Devils haven't been quite as good as we would have expected this year and goaltending has been one of the big issues. Nico Daws has come up and played well but pairing him with Marc-Andre Fleury might be a great idea.

Fleury isn't having his best season of all time but we know the pedigree that he brings. At 39 years old, he is still a competent goalie in the NHL if splitting time with someone else.

Right now, Fleury is on a bad Wild team. If he came to the Devils, both sides might find it useful for the rest of the season. It certainly wouldn't cost the Devils as much as it would for another guy who may be available.

Earlier in the year, Fleury became the second-winningest goalie in NHL history. He passed up Patrick Roy and only trails Devils legend, Martin Brodeur. It would be very fitting to see Fleury in that uniform now that he is second all-time.

Fleury is also a former Vezina Trophy winner along with being a three-time Stanley Cup champion. It has been a Hall of Fame-worthy career for him.

You can't win anything in this league if you don't have stability in goal. Fleury might be able to provide that for a team trying to make the playoffs. The Devils are a good fit. Kevin Weekes is onto something.

We don't know what the future looks like for Fleury in terms of his playing career but having a strong ending to this season with New Jersey would be really cool to watch.

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