5 prominent players not moved at the NHL trade deadline who will be moved in the offseason

While we saw plenty of surprises at the 2024 NHL trade deadline, a few of those surprises involved players who weren’t traded.
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Now that the NHL trade deadline has come and gone, there are quite a few players whose names we thought would move this past Friday who remain with their respective teams. While we will only talk about five players in this article, several more will also find themselves on the move for a variety of reasons. 

Many would-be rentals not moved at the deadline will nonetheless spend next season playing in a different uniform simply because their contracts are expiring. Other more obscure names with years left on their deals will see themselves inserted into a trade package, but they aren’t quite worth talking about. 

Finally, there are rentals just traded elsewhere who will sign long-term deals with another team after their one-to-three months of wearing their latest uniform is up. But they are best suited for another discussion, as they will be highly sought after assets in free agency.

Quite a few big names were not dealt at the NHL trade deadline

Frank Vatrano was one player who just missed the cut for this article, as it doesn’t seem like the Anaheim Ducks are interested in moving their most high-profile player unless general manager Pat Verbeek gets an offer so outstanding that he can’t overlook it. Since Vatrano’s contract runs through next season, Verbeek doesn’t need to trade him in the offseason. Vatrano can instead act as a potential ‘rental’ at the 2025 deadline. 

But that won’t be the case for the following five players listed, all of whom either have multiple years left on their deals, are in long-term contract-seeking mode, or their current team doesn’t look like they can afford them. 

So, which players will we see moved in the 2024 offseason who didn’t hear their name called last Friday? Here are five players you must keep tabs on this summer.