5 prominent players not moved at the NHL trade deadline who will be moved in the offseason

While we saw plenty of surprises at the 2024 NHL trade deadline, a few of those surprises involved players who weren’t traded.

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Trevor Zegras could warrant a summer blockbuster

Signed through 2026 before he becomes a restricted free agent, Trevor Zegras, like his teammate mentioned a few slides earlier, is an asset who could be worth a lot in high draft picks and high-end prospects when the Anaheim Ducks ultimately move him. No, a big trade at the deadline wasn’t happening, but there will be quite a few contenders or teams on the cusp of contention looking for a potential game-changer. 

Injuries and lack of productivity when healthy prevented Zegras from being a better contributor in 2023-24, but he’s also been outstanding on several pedestrian Ducks teams since his first full season in 2021-22. Zegras can serve a team in so many ways, too, and more than just with top-six minutes, pinpoint accuracy with his shot, and on the man advantage. 

He’s a forward who can serve as the missing link on some teams, and Zegras can also become a player other organizations can build around. Take one of the older teams in the NHL, like the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders, or Washington Capitals - assuming they can find a way to afford him, and imagine how much he would stir up one of those fan bases whose teams currently seem like they’re heading into a potential rebuilding phase or at least a major step back.