Red Wings News: Patrick Kane looked like his Showtime self on Friday

Philadelphia Flyers v Detroit Red Wings
Philadelphia Flyers v Detroit Red Wings / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Detroit Red Wings have been on a downward spiral lately. Ever since signing Patrick Kane, things have gone downhill for them. It is far from his fault but they lost the magic that they were playing with earlier in the year. 

They finally got a big win on Friday, however, as they took down the Philadelphia Flyers 7-6 in a shootout at Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit. It wasn’t how they drew it up but they picked up a very meaningful two points. 

Detroit had a 5-1 lead during the first intermission but they allowed Philly to come all the way back and tie. The Flyers even took the lead in regulation and forced the Wings to try and tie it. 

Kane was the big story for Detroit in this one. He hadn’t had a bad start but he wasn’t looking like his old self at all. In this game, he broke out for the first time in 2023-24. 

The Detroit Red Wings and Patrick Kane had a big night on Friday.

During regulation, Kane had two goals and one assist for three points. In the shootout, he ended up getting the game-winner with an impressive move to beat Carter Hart. We have always known that he has incredible mitts and now we know he’s still got it. 

Kane needed a game like this. The Red Wings fans were hoping for a big night soon and they got one. Now, the hope is that he can start producing at a high level like that regularly. 

They blew the big lead but they found a way to win the hockey game anyway. Sometimes, having someone like Kane around can help you deal with that type of adversity. 

Detroit now has to play a road game in the second half of a back-to-back against the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center. It is going to be a big test for both teams involved. Each would like to head into the holiday break with a big win! 

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