3 rule changes the NHL consider implementing in the future

Last week, general managers from all 32 NHL teams met to discuss potential rule changes, but there are quite a few more changes that must be discussed.

Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs
Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs / Claus Andersen/GettyImages
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Power play and penalty kill

Something about the man advantage I’ve never liked is that a power play is negated if a team scores at 6-on-5 during the delay portion of a minor penalty. Instead, even if a team with six skaters on the ice scores, why not still give them the power play and have a chance to go up by two scores, as opposed to this only being the case with double minors?

That alone would be fun enough, and again, it adds that layer of risk. Another rule change in this realm could be if a team scores within the first minute of a power play, they are ‘awarded’ to stay on the man advantage for the following minute.

Meanwhile, if a team scores a short-handed goal, the power play is nullified - somethingsimilar to what we see in the PWHL - and the two teams return to full strength. This would award a penalty kill unit while the team on the man advantage would not get the benefit of 5-on-4, adding a level of accountability for them, too. 

In the case of a double-minor, if the short-handed team scores in the first two minutes of the penalty, then why not turn the double-minor into a minor? Further, if a short-handed team scores in the final two minutes of a double-minor, then let both teams return to full strength.