3 rule changes the NHL consider implementing in the future

Last week, general managers from all 32 NHL teams met to discuss potential rule changes, but there are quite a few more changes that must be discussed.
Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs
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Modify the delay of game rule for losing challenges

The current rules call for a delay of game penalty if a team loses a coach’s challenge. This is a rule I was never on board with, as teams with weaker penalty kill units are at an immediate disadvantage and, therefore, a higher risk factor than those with strong units. 

Instead of automatically charging teams losing a challenge a delay of game penalty, why not let them pick between the following: Roll with the two-minute delay of game, allow the opponent to try for a penalty shot, or lose what could be a valuable timeout?

In the event of subsequent challenges, here is more intrigue: If a coach loses a second challenge, they cannot choose the same “penalty” as they did earlier. So if they lost a challenge and selected for their opponent to take a penalty shot, they must choose between delay of game or losing a timeout should they lose a subsequent challenge. 

This adds more fairness to the game, and more intrigue, as a coach’s decision could change the entire scope of the contest. It may sound like a gimmick, but there is, nonetheless, quite a good deal of strategy involved.