The San Jose Sharks look sharp in their new sweaters

The San Jose Sharks look very sharp in their new sweaters.
Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks
Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The San Jose Sharks are one of the worst teams in the NHL. They are tied with the Chicago Blackhawks with 30 points which is dead last in the league. They have begun to add some really good prospects but it has come at the cost of some really good NHL players in their lineup. 

It is going to take a long time for them to be good again. However, we do know that the Sharks are always going to be one of the best-dressed teams in the league. Their black, teal, and white combo is amongst the best in all of sports. 

On Thursday, news dropped of a new sweater that they are going to wear. It is an all-black get-up that will feature their new shark fin logo as the crest. Once it hits the ice, it is going to be one of the best. They will wear it for all home games in both February and March.  

The San Jose Sharks revealed a very cool new alternate sweater

There are a lot of cool details about the uniform that fans will enjoy learning about. First of all, this is the fourth time that the Sharks have revealed a jersey with black as the base color. 

The shark fin logo has been used for a long time as a secondary logo but this will be the first time that the shark head won’t be on the front of their sweater (not including reverse retros). 

The jersey is also loaded with small things that represent things about the northern California area. They also have new helmets, gloves, and pants to go with this. They were extra creative with this project and it paid off. 

Sharks fans deserve a lot off the ice right now because they aren’t getting many wins on the ice. A brand-new sweater that looks beautiful is a good start. Eventually, they will have winning hockey to pair with this marvelous new uniform.